GENIUS-S (Part 1 and 2)

So here we are, 2017 is almost over. And I need to share with you some quick questions I asked myself as it relates to how I’ve (and you’ve) lived out this beautiful year:

They are:

  1. Were you able to make 2017 the greatest year of your life yet?
  2. Are you surrounded by “Positive Vibers” and not “Joy Robbers”?
  3. How full is your prosperity and abundance meter? What’s the reading on the meter?
  4. Were you able to dominate in your field and master your craft?
  5. How high were you able to raise your drive, vigor and durability (endurance/longevity) level?
  6. Were you able to take your own slice of the proverbial pie?
  7. Who will remember this year for Good Just because they “met” (came in contact with) you?

Is your answer “yes” to the above questions? Wow….That’s terrific. Round of applause to you sincerely. Some of the practical insights I will be sharing below will definitely help you raise your drive and be more productive with your motivating passion. So read on. 😉

Is your answer “no”? I understand and feel you. It’s not all yes for me too so don’t worry in anyway. You’re definitely not alone. The Year 2018 is a new and fresh opportunity to optimize/maximize our self and invest in personal recapitulations to be able to fully get back on track, destroy past limitations and totally take possession of our professional and private life which we all know we merit.

Take this from me with no grain of doubt: We All Have the Natural Power in Us to Create the Lives of Our Dreams.

See friends, we are all built to be champions and all round victorious, in our own unique, genuine and true way. Nevertheless, by inactions and procrastinations (i.e. if you chose not to do the things you need to do to experience your wins and actualization of your goals), how can you feasibly triumph?

I will be creating some contents on this blog to aid you in the coming year. Kindly look out for it, study it and then have the intelligence/wisdom/dedication to take Obsessive Action [You already know that nothing happens EVER until you make a move to make it happen; and life honors the DOERS than the chatterboxes/talkers].

For today, let these torrents of worth guide you in the right direction and serve as a standard as you move into the new year.

Note also that these 7 Ideas are proven (they’re what I use to audit me and push on) and they are meant to get you moving in the direction of a tremendous start and setting you up for a terrific finish.

They are what I call My Simple GENIUS-STM:

  1. G – Give Up On Draining Things
  2. E – Energize Your Overall Being
  3. N – No To All Unforgiveness
  4. I – Inspire You
  5. U – Uninstall Limiting Beliefs
  6. S – Script Write Your End
  7. S – Shift Your Attention

#1. Give Up On Draining Things – Come Up with An Holistic List of Things You Need To Stop Doing NOW.

I’m no more with the game of impulsive resolutions and goal settings and all because we both know that this “strategy” has not being effective over the years. And even if you’ll still do that 😄, l recommend even more importantly to do a list of things you will no longer be part of: A Not Doing Again List.

Take out all the depraved habits, energy drainers, time wasters and unwholesome pursuits that you’ve given all access pass into your personal space and you’ll obviously be left with a dazzling life rich with ingenuity, creativity, profitability, productivity and contributions to you, your world and the whole of humanity.

These are some of the things on my own Not Doing Again List:

  • Put an immediate stop to watching the news and exchange that wasted time with reading a helpful book (listening to the audio equivalent) for 60 minutes each day.
  • Put an Immediate stop to oversleeping and join my “4AM Club” [see, as difficult as this is most times, it’s truly an Enormous Competitive Advantage]. This can also include going to bed earlier than usual.
  • Put an immediate stop to accepting average performance at work and start studying/practicing harder so I can lift or even totally change my game. Drive towards Peak Performance by refusing average.
  • Put an immediate stop to making what I call “Justifiable Vindications” for what’s not working in my life. Listen, the lives we both have was created by us and the situation we ‘find ourselves’ was created too. And we can definitely create our way out of it.

Bye-bye to Victimhood come 2018.

  • Put an immediate stop to spending my excellence, brilliance, intelligence and highest potential playing games on my phone or reading news or engaging in purposeless chatting.
  • Put an immediate stop to being grumpy and complaining. Tune my focus on all my blessings, graces, mercies, gifts, networks, breaks and opportunities.
  • Put an immediate stop to saying Yes to things and People I meant to say NO to.

Take some time off reading this and add yours.

#2. Energize Your Overall Being – Come Up with A Health and Well Being Plan

You will not go far in whatever you’re doing without these assets:

Energy. Vitality. Vigor. Peak health. These are precious assets of High Achievers in this Game of Life.

…How do you expect to rise to be legend if you lose your long life?

…How do you expect to be an influential leader in your industry if you’re always tired or on the sickbed?

…How do you expect to be productive and attain the level of masters in your productivity if you’re dead?

…How do you expect to create a lasting legacy and mentor generations if you’re no more?

Think On These Things.

From today onward, (and I mean TODAY. I have to push you on this as much as I don’t support pushing people to do anything), follow these recommendations:

  • Eat less but better quality food (Quality Over Quantity)
  • Ensure ingredients taken are cleaner than before
  • Drink more water (70-80% of our body is water as I heard)
  • Exercise sir & ma, Yes, move your body (walk, run, skip rope)
  • Sweat for 15-30 minutes in the morning
  • Go out into nature everyday and take in natural air
  • Make a date with fresh air and breathe it in deeply, and
  • “Manipulate” your sleep so you can rest peacefully (it’s been proven that when you deprive yourself of necessary sleep, it ruins your moods, drains your energy and decreases your life expectancy).

Implementing these simple changes to your overall lifestyle will improve your overall vitality, without necessarily breaking the bank.


As you anticipate the remaining parts in the coming days, I invite you to experience this overwhelming feeling of happiness, transcendence, wholeness, contentment, excitement and joy filled with Faith, Hope, Anticipation and Self-actualization.

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