I Am For More, Abundance And Freedom


On Results And Changes

To Change The Results You’re Seeing In Your Lives, You Have To Change Your Mind’s Programming. – Michael Ojuola


On Management And Leadership

I Don’t Think People Are Meant To Be “Managed.” My Life Work Is To Lead People In All Capacity and My Overall Objective Is To Effectively Make Strengths And Intrinsic Knowledge of Each Person Productive, Valuable and Fullfilling in All Ways. – Michael Ojuola


On Mind and Life Discipline

All I Can Affirm With All Confidence and Tell You in Truth With a Straight Face is That There is Immeasurable Rewards/Profits For Every Effort Engaged in Total Discipline. – Michael Ojuola

Hi, I'm Michael

Michael Ojuola is a forward-looking, aggressive and result-oriented professional with a range of skills, a growing depth of knowledge and a balanced blend of experience in telecommunications, human resources, management, direct and interactive marketing, copywriting and intermediate business analysis.

He is a widely read individual with an impressive storehouse of information and an active mind! A marketing strategy enthusiast who enjoys challenges, innovations, brainstorming, process, progress, excellence, achievement and initiative creativity. A growing marketing expert, SME Consultant, Investor, Educator, Blogger and above all a Human Being 🙂

Simply put, he markets life, ideas, businesses, passions and makes them profitable with sustainable growth. He taught himself how to sell through trial & error and market himself, then he learnt how to do the same with small businesses and make them profitable by learning from wide range of industry experts. His parent company Michael Ojuola Global Enterprises Limited helps it’s clients buy attentions, market their products, sell and make profit through her subsidiary, The Passions To Profit Academy. In the last few years, the company has shown immense growth and massive initiative in the art of problem solving.

The MindSHIFT™ is Mike’s way of providing as much value as possible by taking your questions about life, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and businesses and giving you his answers based on years of building up his expertise and experiences. These are achieved as a Team Lead at iThrive Solutions and Services.

Michael is a prolific Transformational Speaker, delivering keynotes at University Campuses, Churches, Marketing Summits, Social Media Marketing Events, Leadership Conferences, Retreats and Boot-camps as opportunities abound and time avails.

Friends, welcome to a Life of Knowledge, Value, Abundance and Freedom. Yes, this space is about provoking you to conquer yourself, overcome self-imposed limitations in your mind and thereby become your very best. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live your dream and fulfill your potentials.

You Have ALL It Takes To Succeed.

Once again, WELCOME.

On Pessimism

Have You Seen The Face Of a Pessimist (Young and Old)?
To Me, There’s No Sadder or More Pitiable Sight Than That. – Michael Ojuola


On Committed Actions and Consistency

What is your knowledge, vision and ideas truly worth?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING without massive, consistent and committed actions. – Michael Ojuola


On Persistence and Duggedness

Persistence in the face of hardness makes the hard stuff Malleable. Hard Stuff Becomes Easy By Sheer Persistence. – Michael Ojuola